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The Expansion Of PPE Wholesalers

Staff | | October 2020

Covid-19 pandemic? No problem! PPE Wholesalers has now expanded its product supply line to make sure your personal protective equipment needs are taken care of - affordably!

PPE Wholesalers was birthed out of the dire need of personal protective equipment that has become relatively scarce during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. M. Rouhanian and Dr. Mo Emam took matters into their own hands by starting this company. We started off as a licensed distributor of the Powecom KN95 masks and has now expanded to include several much-needed PPE equipments.

Here’s a list of high quality products that we currently supply:

  • Powecome KN95 Masks: Authentic masks that are on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List. Very similar to the N95, our KN95 mask offers a filter efficiency of 99.2%. The KN95 mask has a multi-layered protection against dust, particles and droplets. With its compact design and being easily disposable, these masks are perfect for you, your family, employees and customers!
  • KN95 Protective Masks: These masks are CDC reviewed and come at a very affordable price. These are excellent masks for the general public and all non-medical uses.
  • Level 2 3-ply Disposable Masks: With three protective layers, these masks are designed for non-medical use to filter dust, pollen and other irritants. Its light and breathable design offers the ultimate comfort and full coverage.
  • Kids Masks: With a three-layer filtration, our kids masks are perfect for children ages four to seven. It comes with a curved nose strip that can freely adjust the shape according to the face shape, increasing the facial fit.
  • Level 2 Surgical Gowns: The gown features fully closed, double tiebacks, with knitted cuffs that easily can be worn with gloves to provide protection. The gown is designed to fit men and women of all sizes while providing comfort and flexibility.
  • Hand Sanitizers: Our hand sanitizers kill up to 99.9% in 15 seconds! We currently have 2 sizes available for your convenience- 3.3oz and 8oz.

All of the products we offer are authentic and in stock in the USA. Our main aim is to provide products you, your family, your employees and your customers can rely on! Your protection, especially during this time is very pertinent. Feel free to check out our website for amazing products at great prices. PPE Wholesalers -  the safety, quality, and protection you can trust!