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Get To Know The Duo Behind PPE Wholesalers!

Staff | | October 2020

PPE Wholesalers was the end result of two medical professionals wanting to protect their families and the people around them. Here’s an insight into the lives of Dr. Rouhanian and Dr. Emam!

Dr. M. Mehran Rouhanian is one of the owners of PPE Wholesalers and Quince Orchard Dental Care- a practice in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dr. Rouhanian received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2007 from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland. Since its inception in 2011, Dr. Rouhanian has run his practice on the principle that treating patients the right way is just as important as the dental care he provides. People often remember the quality of the experience with their dentist. As such, Dr. Rouhanian places emphasis on how his patients are treated from the waiting room, through the entire visit, while taking the time to educate patients about how and why they should do certain things in a simple and friendly manner.

Dr. Rouhanian also believes a big part of his purpose is to improve the overall well-being of his community. He is involved in a number of charitable projects that are close to home. His love for taking care of people played a big role in the start-up of PPE Wholesalers. With the Covid-19 pandemic, personal protection equipment (PPE) became in high demand. Dr. Rouhanian, just like all the medical professionals across the U.S.A, knew that there would eventually be a shortage of PPE. He started the company with his cousin Dr. Mo Emam, in an effort to alleviate the pinch felt across the nation. PPE Wholesalers has since then been very successful and has grown extensively. 

On a personal note, Dr. Rouhanian enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife, Dr. Lewis,  have two vivacious little girls so there is never a dull moment. Dr. Rouhanian’s hope is that when it comes to both Quince Orchard Dental Care and PPE Wholesalers, patients and customers will always associate a high level of quality with both companies. 

Meet the second guy behind PPE Wholesalers- Dr. Mo Emam! Often fondly referred to as ‘Mo’, Dr. Emam started a partnership business with his sister in 2011. For over 10 years, he has successfully run Thomas Johnson Pharmacy and Wholesale Distribution in Fredrick, Maryland. Dr. Emam is a proud Master’s graduate of the University of Maryland and earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Howard University. 

Coming from a family of medical professionals, joining the medical field was a natural progression for Dr. Emam. He also always had a flair for business so opening his own pharmacy was always his main goal. Just like his partner Dr. Rouhanian, Dr. Emam has always been keen on wanting to help others. When Covid-19 became a concern for everyone in the country and around the world, Dr. Emam wanted to protect his family. He has two siblings who are physicians who worked on the frontline. This pushed him and Dr. Rouhanian to source authentic masks for their family, friends, and staff. This venture of sourcing reliable, authentic products for the people around them soon became a business with a high demand.  

Often described as honest, fair, hard-working, and persistent, Dr. Emam credits his mother for molding him into the person he is today. His mother was a single parent of four children who dedicated herself to raising her children for a better opportunity and made sure they all received higher education. Her sacrifices resulted in two physicians and two doctorates of pharmacy professionals, so it is safe to say she is super proud of her children’s achievements. Her relentless work ethic is something Dr. Emam and his siblings carry and implement in their everyday lives.

His relentlessness also carries over in his personal life. As a self-proclaimed ‘gym rat’, if he’s not working, he's working out! He loves incorporating a daily regimented exercise and reading routine. He also values honesty, transparency and availability when it comes to business transactions. Both Dr. Emam and Dr. Rouhanian protect and value the trust and responsibility that comes with running a company such as PPE Wholesalers, especially considering the times we are currently in. They both have been part of the medical community for a long time and they allow their backgrounds and reputations to supersede them. 

We thank you for taking the time to get to know our company’s main principles a bit better. We invite you to browse through our high-quality products and be sure to spread the word about us to the people you care about!